Mushroom Cultivation training- generating self-employment for small entrepreneurs
Swati Dayal | 13 09 2013 01:50:51 PM IST

Hyderabad, Sept 13 (KNN) Creating more self-employment opportunities for the small and upcoming entrepreneurs, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development is conducting a one-month entrepreneurship and skill development programme in mushroom cultivation.

The programme is being conducted in association with the National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Ni-MSME) at the centre premises in Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh (ALEAP) Industrial Estate, in Kukatpally. 

“The training will be provided to the upcoming/small entrepreneurs about the mushroom cultivation. It’s a one month programme, in which we will have 20 days of training on banking schemes available, subsidies available, market survey and project report,” said the programme coordinator for the course.

There will also be a 10 days practical training in which the trainees would be taught about the ways to reach the industries and utilize their skills, he added.
The faculty from Osmania and JNTU universities will be conducting the training programme.

The cultivation of mushrooms is becoming increasingly popular, both as a hobby and for profit. Mushroom cultivation is able to transform this agricultural waste into a nutritious food and to create income-generating opportunities.

All mushroom growing techniques require the correct combination of humidity, temperature, substrate (growth medium) and inoculum (spawn or starter culture). Wild harvests, outdoor log inoculation and indoor trays all provide these elements.

Mushroom can be further developed into many forms like- Mushroom Medicines, Mushrooms, Mushroom Pickle, Mushroom Herbal Tea, Mushroom based cosmetics.  (KNN/SD)
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