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Belgaum Chamber Advocates For Single Window Compliance System Across States

Updated: Feb 21, 2024 05:09:12pm

Belgaum Chamber Advocates For Single Window Compliance System Across States

New Delhi, Feb 21 (KNN) Various sections of MSMEs, operating across multiple states, are urging the Union government to institute a unified single window compliance and registration system.

This initiative aims to alleviate the burden of adhering to diverse regulations for shop and trade licenses imposed by individual states, as reported by ET.

Highlighting the issue, Hemendra Porwal, President, Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), emphasised the disparity among states in terms of minimum wages, working hours, and registration requirements.

Porwal noted that while some states offer perpetual trade and shop licenses, others mandate annual or triennial renewals, complicating compliance for multi-state businesses.

He stated, “In some states, trade and shop licences are perpetual. In others, they have to be renewed every year, or every three years, making it difficult for companies with presences in multiple states to comply.”

Porwal suggested that MSME regulations should be uniformly applied nationwide, given that most benefits emanate from the Centre.

“If the competition between the states is reduced, the country as a whole would progress much faster in this aspect,” he further added.

Currently, approximately 23.4 million MSMEs are registered on the MSME ministry's UDYAM portal. Maharashtrian enterprises lead the tally with around 4 million MSMEs, trailed by Tamil Nadu with 2.3 million.

Karnataka ranks sixth on the list, boasting 1.33 million registered MSMEs.

However, Pratik Vaidya, President - Maharashtra chapter, SME forum, indicated that the actual number of MSMEs could be significantly higher, underscoring the need for streamlined compliance processes.

(KNN Bureau)


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