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NIRT To Launch Three Nodal Rubber Training Centres In Northeast India

Updated: Feb 21, 2024 02:41:05pm

NIRT To Launch Three Nodal Rubber Training Centres In Northeast India

New Delhi, Feb 21 (KNN) The Ministry of Commerce has announced the establishment of three new nodal centres by the National Institute of Rubber Training (NIRT) in the Northeast region of India.

The initiative aims to bolster the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the area by providing specialised training in product manufacturing and quality control.

These centres, located in Agartala, Guwahati, and Nagaland, represent a strategic investment of Rs 5.25 crore over the next two years.

As part of this initiative, a comprehensive schedule of 712 training programs has been outlined for the years 2024-25 and 2025-26.

These sessions are expected to reach over 10,700 individuals nationwide, with a significant focus on the Northeast region, benefiting around 3,800 people.

This targeted educational effort underscores the commitment to enhancing the skill sets of individuals in the rubber industry, thereby promoting growth and innovation within the sector.

Moreover, the initiative encompasses a range of welfare measures designed to improve the livelihoods of workers in the rubber industry.

Aimed at retaining current workers and attracting new ones, including a focus on increasing the number of women tappers.

These measures include educational stipends, women empowerment schemes, assistance for house construction, and comprehensive insurance and pension plans.

With an allocated budget of Rs 7.02 crore for these welfare activities, the project signifies a major step forward in supporting the rubber industry's workforce over the next two years.

(KNN Bureau)


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